Monday, October 3, 2011


Too geek to ignore. You cannot seriously tell me you read this whole list without laughing.
I saw this Top 5 list by one of my favorite artist, Neck Face on Crailtap.

via crailtap

Top 5 junk foods
1. 99 cent bag of Doritos with melted nacho cheese in the bag
2. Bean n Cheese burrito from 7-11 sliced open and stuffed with hot Cheetos
3. Peppered beef jerky
4. Bag of pepperoni with limejuice in it
5. Hot Cheetos

Top 5 things to steal
1. Beef jerky
2. Spray paint
3. Tip jars
4. Bottles of booze from behind the bar
5. CD's from Starbucks. Handfuls at a time

Top 5 skaters

1. Sammy Baca aka Kill 'Em All
2. Erik Ellington aka The Mule Man
3. Andrew Reynolds aka Daddy Day Care
4. Javier Nuniez aka Hands
5. Tino Razo aka A'yo Check It

Top 5 reasons to drop out of art school

1. You save money
2. More time to skate
3. You figure shit out on your own
4. Telling your parents that your done
5. Telling normal people that your a successful drop out

Top 5 things about being anonymous
1. Me and batman have something in common
2. Going shopping for new masks
3. People think that my face is naturally blurry
4. Starting rumors about yourself to fans
5. Being voted 2004's Village Voice's Best Anonymous Sex Symbol (wtf?)

Top 5 things to spend 5 bucks on
1. Two bottles of Nighttrain
2. Three tacos and a drink at Taco Zone in Silverlake
3. A # 2 at McDonald's
4. Five scratch tickets to try to double your money
5. The arcade

Top 5 ways to bum out chicks

1. Tell them they're fat
2. Tell them you're sister died
3. Puke on them
4. Bark like a dog at them
5. Buy them 6 drinks all at once and have the bar tender tell them they're from you

Top 5 jobs you've turned down

1. $30,000 Heineken ad
2. Barnes n Noble book deal
3. Deftones album cover
4. Beck album cover
5. Energy drink craze

Top 5 ways of saying goodbye
1. See you at the bottom
2. Don't say anything and just disappear
3. See you never
4. Saying bye while you're getting dragged out of the club by the bouncer
5. Ten shots of Jager

Seriously, the funniest shit ever. To read more of his Top 5's check it out here.

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