Friday, April 15, 2011

Interview : Andy Hensler

I've done Q&A's with different artists and photographers from all around the globe such as London, Argentina, and Spain but I thought what better than to share great talent with my readers from where I reside, here on the Eastern shore of Maryland. Andy Hensler is a truly good friend of my mine and such an inspiring guy. I've worked with him on different shoots and he is incredibly friendly and easy to work with. His photographs are crisp and so precise, you'll wonder how he executes each shot. Andy does a great job at explaining how he maneuvers each shot on his Flickr. Check out what Andy has to say to GOLDREBEL.

GR: Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live.

A: I am 22, am working full time as a photographer and video producer in Southern Delaware. I live my girlfriend Jenn and her fat cat Margot (Named after Margot Tenenbaum)

GR: Inspiration / influences?

A: Most of my inspiration comes from things outside of photography, so I don't know;
Everyday life is inspiration.
I try to make it to Philly every once in a while to hang out in dive bars with a good photographer friend of mine and wander around the streets photographing people.

GR: How did you become interested in photography?

A: I played around with mom's old 35mm Minlota SRT101, that she had stashed away in a closet. That minolta was from the 60's, I believe it was my grandmothers, I think they brought it over from Germany. But I started shooting my friends skateboarding when I was in middle school.

GR: What kind of camera(s) do you shoot with?

A: Most of the time I shoot with Nikon digital cameras, but I have been shooting a bunch of video so Canon is coming in handy. I have a bunch of film cameras, but they shamefully don't get much use.

GR: Favorite band(s) at the moment.

A: Well Mogwai dropped a new album, and Gregory Alan Isakov, and Working for a Nuclear Free City, and I really like Noah and the Whales video:

GR: Next place you want to travel.

A: Well we all want to travel the world, but I would say going up to north eastern canada would be most realistic.

GR: Do you have any photography tips to share with someone who is just starting out?

A: Humm, well yea. Probably recommend bringing your camera everywhere, and use manuel exposure (you know the whole f. numbers and fractions deal) Just shoot your friends and family.
Oh, and keep it casual. So you just got a______(insert newest entry level dslr), and you've snapped a few photos of your friends, and holy shit, I need a facebook page! so I mash together a logo in Papyrus typeface, call it___your name__ fotography. Use the "F" insted of "P" - because thats french, and french people are so trendy, and BAM! now I am a photographer. But wait! -But hurry and book with me soon, because Im raising my prices from $35 to $45 per outfit.
What to take from that is let photography be a hobby again, I know is hard to grasp!

GR: Favorite alcoholic beverage.

A: Well i'm drinking a Yuengling right now, but would say I get down with Dogfish and Evolution brews if its available. Lets get brewing local again.

To view more of Andy Hensler's work
All original images via Flickr

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