Saturday, April 23, 2011

Interview : Daniel Luxford

I have been a huge fan of Daniel Luxford , an Australian photographer, since the moment I've seen his work spilling over in Tumblr and loads of fashion blogs. His work is so incredibly beautiful and raw in a weird, imperfect way that makes you lust over each photo. I love how his work is not about capturing the model in expensive clothes and picture perfect hair & make up, but more about creating an image of beauty from within. See what Luxford has to say to GOLDREBEL.

GR: Tell us a little bit about yourself and where you live.

D: I'm from Perth Western Australia,where i grew up and moved To London in the year of 2007 to do some assisting found my self back in Melbourne in 2009 to current date.

GR: Inspiration/influences behind your work.

D: There's so much in our world to be inspired by, from lighting to shadows and movements as we get older we tend to change our views on the world and life which courses us to get inspired and have influenced people come in our lives.
I also get inspired in many ways from some of my close friends that also shoot photography, music and life in general,travel is a big part too gets me pretty siked too!
There's always the most beautiful things happening around us and if we open our eyes and our minds there is so much surrounding us you will be surprised what you can create and get inspired by.

GR: What kind of camera(s) do you shoot with?

D: Well this will depend on what I'm shooting either skateboarding or fashion
but main cameras are Nikons and Medium Format.

GR: Favorite alcoholic beverage.

D: Whiskey.

GR: How did you become interested in fashion photography?

D: Well in the year of 2006 i was working for Rusty surfboards and noticed there campaigns etc. This open my eye just to see what was going on,and from then i had a crush on this girl with the most beautiful face,from then i got in thawed with shooting women,wouldn't say the clothing really mattered to me back then, but began to learn as much as i could.

GR: How is fashion photography different from skateboard photography?

D: Well i guess Fashion is more of a fantasy side creating images with beauty and incredible scenes where skateboarding you don't know what you will get, its so raw and spontaneous, its always been more of a hobby than getting paid, I'm just siked to get my friends in magazines.
I have been skateboarding since i was very little and have had the privilege to skate and photograph some of the best in Aus and in the world, it will always inspire me as well as the people who are involved and yeah guess some of that rawness comes out in my fashion and beauty work.

GR: Any song recommendation for GOLDREBEL playlist?

D: Well I'm always a Fan of Kool and the Gang "She's so Fresh" or even Little River band
"Night Owl".

To view more of Daniel Luxford's work
All original images via his website

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