Monday, March 21, 2011

Interview : East Hundred

I was so stoked to get the chance to talk to Will of the band East Hundred. They are one of my favorite bands and I did one of my very first blog post on GOLDREBEL about this band! I find myself putting there songs constantly on repeat in my car..admittingly, you might find me jamming out in my car singing ridiculously at a stop light. Sing like no ones watching, right? Check out my quick Q&A with East Hundred done by Will behalf of the band.

GR: Tell us a little bit about your band and where you live.

EH: East Hundred was formed in 2004, by brothers and friends in Philadelphia, but none of us are actually from Philly. We all migrated here, for different reasons but I think we each knew we were here to pursue something creative. Looking back I think that created a bit of a bond between us, all being ex-pats... and the early version of EH seemed to have a hard time fitting in to Philly. Ultimately, its become a very hospital, inspiring place to create music, or to be involved in a creative process in general. And as we've all grown to love this city, it still remains so weird and so dirty in so many ways.

GR: Inspiration / influences?

EH: I think naturally a band like ourselves could create neverending lists of influences. I find we all seem to agree to be inspired by musical moments, rather than individual artists. The tambourine tone, for example on "Fade Into You", Kim Deals' backing vocals on early Pixies songs. The "band in a room" sound to Cat Power records. These little moments are inspiring.

I think most currently, Arcade Fires' new record is simply great, and to see a band on a very small indie label win a Grammy, is kind of moving, regardless of how relevant Grammys may or may not be.

GR: I read that Beril suffers from panic attacks and nearly had to call off the first couple shows, is stage fright still an issue?

EH: Everyone gets jitters, but of a different variety. I think I can speak for B in saying she gets anxious, as we all do, to just get up there an do it! Its more excitement and less fear. She quickly became such a natural, seasoned performer, there would be no way to know she used to suffer from stage fright. She hams it up on stage with the best of 'em...

GR: Fav band(s) at the moment.

EH: This one I can't speak for the whole band but Efterklang is a pretty rad Danish band.

GR: 3 places to visit in Philly.

EH: The Mutter Museum

Village Whiskey

The Wissahickon Valley Trail & creek

GR: You guys did a cover of 'Fade into you' by Mazzy Star. (which was freaking awesome, btw) Do you do covers of artists that influenced East Hundred or just songs that you all thoroughly enjoy?

EH: Both. Most often we just choose songs that are fun, that allow us to bend a little and that we can make sound decent. We had a blast covering "Talking in your Sleep" but we weren't necessarily influenced by The Romantics music.

GR: Favorite alcoholic beverage.

EH: There's just something about whiskey…bourbon, irish, or scotch, thats kind of special. The way it gets me into trouble is inspiring.

GR: Upcoming shows/projects?

EH: We just confirmed a Philly show, next week March 31st, opening for The Dears, which will be pretty rad...

And as we speak, we are in great Philly studio recording a new ep (our 4th release), entitled "The Spells". We're on day 2, starting to record our 3rd of 5 songs… and we should be ready to release this this spring. Things are starting to sound pretty great, and we're having a blast.

We were pretty moved by our fans, after reaching our goal for our recent Kickstarter campaign, which raised enough $$ to get our foot into this studio.

(If you are not sure what is, its an awesome website/service, check it out,)

And Check out our Kickstarter page here. Our campaign doesn't end until the end of March!

Images via East Hundred and Joe Longo Photog
Thank you to Will on behalf of East Hundred!

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