Friday, March 11, 2011

Western Civilization.

via noirfacade
Doingbird #15 2011
Photographer: Angelo Pennetta

I went to my local Goodwill yesterday and picked up an awesome pair of Dr Marten brown suede 1461 3-eye shoe for $3. As I was heading to the cashier, I spotted a rack of $5 coats so I wandered over towards the rack only to find the perfect, imperfect Penny Lane shag coat i've been dreaming of since I was 16. It had the fur trim going all the way down the front seam with the faux fur cuff in brown suede with an attachment belt around the waist. It was so tacky to say the least, but I wanted it..somehow, fate told me not to buy it and walk away. So why am I feeling like I made a terrible choice? Maybe I'll stop by again today and see if someone hasn't snagged it yet..and if not, well then, let's just call it fate.

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