Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boy Crush : Sam Riley

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My itty bitty (okay, HUGE) crush for Sam Riley all began when I watched the film Control a year ago and completely fell in love. It was so brilliant I couldn't help put think about the film for days and days. I watched it over and over again because 1.) Joy Division is one of my favorite bands of all time 2.) Sam Riley. I was so amazed that this was his first movie he has ever done because he was such a good actor playing the role as Ian Curtis. I later found out he is the face for Burberry and is married to Alexandra Maria Lara (as pictured in last image) who plays one of his love interest in the movie.

This made me sad because he is indeed off the market, ladies. And you can't help but wish this charming fellow would be your boyfriend/hubby/etc. Le sigh. He will be in the new film based off the book Jack Kerouac "On the Road" with Kristen Stewart. Really looking forward to this film! I'm currently reading the book and it doesn't help that while reading this, I can imagine him playing Sal in my head.

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