Monday, May 2, 2011

Cloud nine.

So excited to come home from work tonight to find these sunnies from The Cobra Shop laying on my bed. They frame my face perfectly and I cannot wait to bust this baby out on the beach. Although they are obnoxiously huge and round, they are way too cool.

I scored these pair of Hunter boots from my work a couple days ago for $50! Kind of a splurge for me considering I never find the use of wearing a rain boot (although it has been raining quite a bit thanks to those 'april showers') but I figured these boots would be a great investment piece and for the price, you really can't beat it. I'm glad i bought them because I absolutely love them. And I love the look when these boots start to "bloom" i find them more attractive that way. It was kind of ironic because as soon as I walked out of work with these boots in hand, rain drops started trickling down my face. Before I knew it, these boots were keeping my little toes from getting showered on. Fate? Destined? Meant to me? Whatever you want to call it, I think so.

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