Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So, you might have remembered a blog post a few weeks back about these Ray-Ban Round Sunnies inspired by a beautiful vixen wearing these shades in an editorial. I couldn't stop thinking about them ever since... it was not until I saw Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast sporting these glasses on stage at Coachella. Her wise style confirmed my decision wholeheartedly into buying this baby.
Love these sunnies so much! I bought them in gunmetal/green. Although they slide down my nose a little too quickly, I can manage to live with it. You can buy a pair online here.

PS. I may or may not have bought another pair of round sunnies on CobraShop last night. Oops.
You can thank FadeToBlackNY for that.

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  1. レイバン サングラスは夏になったら、すぐに売れきるというトレンドもあるようです。今年はこのレイバンRB2140とレイバン RB3025が一番人気があるそうです。好きなray ban サングラスを選んで、この夏を楽しみにしようじゃありませんか。



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