Tuesday, January 25, 2011

asos, you win everytime.

so i just wanted to share with you all my recent purchases
on ASOS that i've been eyeing for quite sometime
and at the prices you can get for them, it's hard to pass up.

how freaking dope are these earrings??

reminds me of native american /african tribal jewelry..and before you say anything,
the price for these bad boys are under $20 a pop!
you can thank me later.

i also bought this oversized leopard scarf..i've been wanting one for awhile
so i decided what the hay?

ASOS is slowly becoming my favorite online website..
they have everything from high end designers to really inexpensive stuff.
i love how they always put out a trend style every couple weeks.
check them out if you haven't already!
i gaurantee you won't be able to get off without wanting to splurge.

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